Thursday, 21 March 2013

Photography Meet-Up/March '13

Recently, I set up a photography meet-up inviting girls from around the city to take photos at the beautiful Liberty Village. A lovely photographer friend of mine joined us and did an amazing job with the photos.
I've posted a few and will add more as they come in!

Copyright on all photos, do not repost unless given permission.

Fae Abdulla Photography, check her site out here!



ps: there will another meet up in the near future, as soon as its bright, sunny, and warm!


  1. I love love your blog. Just discovered you on Instagram the other day and you are already one of my daily reads. So happy to see a fellow Toronto blogger doing so well and I hope to be as great at blogging as you are eventually! Keep it up :)

    1. Thank you for your lovely words, beautiful! Its so humbling to meet fellow bloggers such as yourself who are passionate about what they do!

      Thank you, once again